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Four Feet Forward is aware that there are many underprivileged children who have a great need for the information presented in our Edu-Activity books. As part of our corporate social investment responsibility to the community, we have teamed with an NPO called PrevEd which focuses on preventative education. Individually, you can help too by donating towards PrevEd’s TeamLesson program by debit order. For a month of weekly lessons, we ask that you consider donating R60 per month to help protect a child. Please click HERE to find out more.

By sponsoring a child’s education on personal safety, you not only give the child an opportunity for a safer future but also increase the child’s quality of life. Your contribution can make a big difference towards a child’s life!


Adopt a School

Four Feet Forward has sponsored the Edu-Activity books to many schools and we challenge other companies in South Africa to also “Adopt-a-Class” and sponsor the books and teacher’s manual to a school of their choice. PrevEd has many under-privileged schools waiting eagerly for your sponsorship. All donations will qualify for an 18A certificate for donations tax reduction from PrevEd.

The program starts with a PrevEd community worker introducing the concept in a fun workshop where the children are given an activity and a treat. The class teacher is then given the educational books for each child and a teacher’s manual with individual lesson guides and activities to do as well as flash card, charts and other resources. The PrevEd community worker also supplies the free DVD to the teacher too, which can be played on computer or DVD machine with songs and short learning clips to help the children enjoy the learning process. The PrevEd community worker provides on-going support and guidance to the teacher if needed and follows up during the term and at the end to ensure the program is completed successfully. The lessons run for a full school term and the children are tested at the end of the term to make sure they understand the information that has been shared with them. They receive a colourful certificate on completion.

The cost for 1 class of 30 children for the introductory lesson, activity supplies, 30 treats of biscuits and juice per child, all the student books, a full term of lesson plans for the teacher resources (flash cards, posters, etc), certificates and crayons per learner is only R3 750 and as the sponsor, you will be given a tax certificate which you can use to reduce your tax payable.  If you would prefer to sponsor part of a class, that would be wonderful too!

Many children are looking forward to your assistance.

Please click HERE to find out more.

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