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We are excited to be able to offer you Edu-Activity books for children aged 4 – 7 years of age. Parents are finding though, that children up to the age of 9 also enjoy the activities and especially the fun times baking and creating things and talking to their parents.

Topics available are “Stranger Danger”, a topic that is important to discuss with your children to help combat horrific child abduction crimes;
“Your Body Belongs To You”, a book to warn against inappropriate touching by peers or adults and uncomfortable feelings, teaching them how to respond and what is acceptable and “Say NO To Bullying”, which is very popular with all school ages, as this seems to be a very relevant problem which our children face daily.

There will be future topics dealing with drugs and pet care amongst other things, which we will keep you informed about.

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The Edu-Activity books can also be used by home-schoolers for their Life Orientation lessons and are in line with the SA government CAPS curriculum requirements.

Each Edu-Activity Book Set includes a student book, parent manual, FREE DVD and a set of crayons. A second student book can be ordered if you have two children of similar age.

Stranger Danger

STRANGER DANGER teaches children that strangers can be dangerous and that they can say NO to anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable.

Your Body Belongs To You

YOUR BODY BELONGS TO YOU teaches children the difference between a SAFE and an UNSAFE TOUCH, and that their body is special and private.

Say No To Bullying

SAY NO TO BULLYING teaches children to stand up, stand strong, stand together and to be KIND to each other.


When your child has completed all the activities in the Edu-Activity Book, you can fill in your child’s name on the certificate included, frame it and hang it up on his/her wall at home.

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