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About the Author/Editor

Having gone through much of life’s adversities himself, Enrico Robinson has first-hand knowledge of
much of what life can throw at you. His deep seated passion for helping others, and his love of children
especially has driven him all through life. After many years in sales and IT placements during which he
mentored and taught skills to many junior colleagues, he became involved in charity work with Meals on
Wheels. His great spirit brought people together and his passion took him from starting container-
kitchens to feed the poor, to the Meals on Wheels care-givers whom see to the needs of the aged, be it
washing their hair, to taking them shopping or just listening to them as a friend. Enrico has been
instrumental in repairing and painting of orphanages and homes, starting eco-gardens, teaching life skills
to the underprivileged and getting companies involved to use their staff to make sandwiches for those
less fortunate. Bringing his passion to other charities such as Woman Against Rape and The Character
Company, the idea of educational books for children to teach them how to stay safe and be prepared

The books developed over a few years growing from just a few pictures to colour in, with short notes to
the parents, to the story line of Carey the Caring Caterpillar, to fully include parent and teacher’s manuals
and a variety of topics. When Enrico first saw his dream being realized; when the first grade 1 classes
received their educational books, he couldn’t hold back his tears of joy. With his passion and your
commitment he hopes that together we can prepare children to avoid dangerous situations, be careful
and stay safe.

About the Educational Contributor

Adriana Stromsoe is a well-known international education specialist with vast experience in
management- and setting up of schools and providing guidelines for technical- and practical operational
education procedures.  Adriana holds a Higher    Diploma in Education, a BA Honours Degree in
Development Studies and in 2011   obtained her Master’s Degree (Cum Laude) from the University of
Stellenbosch  in     Provincial Administration.   Adriana has set up and managed KG – Grade 12 schools 
internationally and has adapted and designed specific curricula worldwide.  During the past 25 years she
has undertook many educational assignments for the South African Government, private companies in
Africa and the Middle East developing and writing educational material. 

During the last 8 years, Adriana concentrated on developing and writing educational material for young
children combining her expertise as educator for adults with her knowledge and academic schooling for
Kindergarten and Primary School learners.  Her approach is to create synergy between educational
principles within specific settings; and a holistic child minded approach to develop and inform all the role
players in young learners’ lives.  She believes that the interest of the child always comes first, in all   
instances, to protect and safeguard children from any harm. In her own words:  “Always and in all
instances in the interest of the ones we need to protect.”

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